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Welcome to the GOOD DOG Class.

Above is our current Good Dog Class flyer, serving all of Mid-Michigan.  

Following, you will find in-depth information about this popular 5-week dog training program.  From here, you can enroll online, get additional information and more.

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Good Dog Class

Learn Basic Training

trained dog, happy dog, Good Dog teaches basic obedience, sit, down, stay, come, heel, leave it, etc

The Good Dog Class teaches all of the basics for puppies and adult dogs; 

Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, House Breaking, Leave It and more...

We train YOU to train your dog!  At the end of the five week course, you will 

become a Dog Trainer, understanding dog psychology, how to communicate with your pet and much more...

Call to enroll, Mail In or Enroll Online.

Great Socialization

dog Socialization, puppies, adults, group class, aggression, fears, bad behaviors, good dog class

Many dogs have fears and aggression issues to other dogs and people.  This class is excellent for socialization.  Exposure to their fears or aggression allows us to correct these behaviors right in class.  Some dogs adjust by the end of the course but others need more time.  Your enrollment is for the life of your dog.  You can come back to class anytime, absolutely FREE!

Learn How to HEEL

No pull training, heel, good dog, leash training, martingale, collar use, don't pull, corrections

Being DRAGGED down your walk trail?  We can fix your pulling dog in minutes, right in the Good Dog Class.  Teaching you the proper leash technique, you will see a huge improvement in this dog training class even after the first class!  Leash pull is the #1 reason that students sign up for class, but is one of the fastest fixes of any problem behavior.  Martingale Training Collars recommended.  We sell in class.

Learn about NUTRITION

Tractor Supply Company, best food recommended by Classic K9 Training Centers, 4 health, quality food

Why does a Dog Trainer care about nutrition?  It's PARAMOUNT!  Proper feeding skills and a proper nutritional diet creates excellent metabolism for both Mind and Body.  Dogs become smarter, sharper, and learn faster.  We recommend 4 Health brand from Tractor Supply Co.  It is rated as the highest quality for the lowest price, right around $1.00 per pound.

Fix Problem Behaviors

dog behavior modification, good dog class, counter surfing, biting, chewing, barking, aggression...

Counter Surfer? This is only one of many problem behaviors that we address in the Good Dog Class. We will show you how to fix ANY problem with "startle techniques."  Biting, chewing, barking, digging, jumping up, leash pull, counter surfing, aggression, and more.  Let us know about your dog's bad habits and we will show you how to fix it, right in class.

CGC (Canine Good Citizen)

America Kennel Club, CGC, Canine Good Citizen, Certification, testing, advancement, good dog class

The Good Dog Class was written by us for the America Kennel Club, to prepare dogs to successfully pass all 10 elements of the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certification test.  This certification is your first step to continue on to many other disciplines; Therapy Dog, Support Animal, Advanced Obedience, Service Dog, etc.

Call 989-245-7562 for appointment

Great Gift

Classic K9 Training Centers Gift Certificate Great Holiday Occasion

Give the GOOD DOG Class as a Gift. Great for Any Dog Owner.

Simply Right-Click and 'Copy' the Gift Certificate image.  Then, call 989-245-7562 to activate.  The cost is only $100, prepaid by debit or credit card.  The recipient of the certificate simply calls to enroll in on the desired class start date and time.

This will be the best gift that they will ever receive!  Great Gift for Any Occasion.