Classic K9 Productions

Dog Training and Dog Entertainment Show with Performing Dogs

Dog Training and Dog Entertainment Show with Performing Dogs

Dog Training and Dog Entertainment Show with Performing DogsDog Training and Dog Entertainment Show with Performing Dogs

Full Event Arena Variety Show

Classic K9 Arena

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Our performing dog show arena holds 2,000 spectators in 'standing room only' Bleachers preferred for large events, Fairs, or Expos to increase seating.  This high demand event can be staged indoors or outdoors,  stadiums, grand stands, etc. We supply all stage props, sound equipment and crowd barriers.  You need only supply electricity and seating.

Dance Dogs


Canine Freestyle Dance is an actual dog-sport where competitors are judged on choreography, props, dance maneuvers and tricks.  The judging panel votes like Dancing with the Stars, only we dance with Dogs!  See an amazing exhibition of the Human/Canine Bond as you enjoy these Dancing Duos. 

Trick Dogs


Late Show's "Stupid Pet Tricks" are the bottom of the barrel, compared to the amazing tricks that you will see at the Classic K9 Show.   Jumping through hoops, and jumping in the Handler's arms are boring compared to what you will see in the Classic K9 Show's Trick Dog segment.  Watch and be amazed at the antics of the talented Classic K9's

Frisbee Dogs


"High Flying Frisbee Dogs" is the norm for the World's most popular dogs...

America's Best Frisbee Dogs, featuring "Zeke" the Wonder Dog from Michigan State University (where available), will blow you away!  Watch with amazement as all of our Frisbee dogs perform vaults, catches and high flying maneuvers.

Agility Dogs


In-Line, High Speed Agility Racing (Doggy NASCAR) is one of our spectator's most popular events.

Cheer on your favorite breed as they run, jump and Maneuver the course at lightning speeds.  Three speed divisions compete for the pole time, driven by your applause.  The fastest dog takes the pole in our Jet Propelled Division.  

High Jumping Dogs


World Record Canine High Jumping.  We set the Original Guinness Book Record jump at 5 ft. high.  That's 60 inches tall, over the heads of most of you reading this! Recently, we broke the record with Soaring Cindy, our team member in Florida at 68"!  Amazing!  Watch as our field of dogs vie for the high jumping record.

Show Cost

Call us for an exact estimate of the cost to you after sponsor subsidization. Our Sponsors are usually non-conflicting and within the pet product industry. They will require additional space adjacent the Classic k9 arena to promote their products and services and subsidize your cost.

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Great shots of the Classic K9 Dog Show.  See our Performing Dogs in action, emceed by a Professional Entertainer

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