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Good Dog Class (5-weeks)

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Basic obedience training for puppies and adults including sit, down, stay, heel, come, leave it, watch, etc. Great socialization. Prepares your dog for Canine Good Citizen certification.   The class includes problem behavior modification for leash pull, barking, biting, chewing, aggression, jumping, digging, counter surfing and more.  Change your dog into a Good Dog!

$100 for the 5-week course.

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CGC (Canine Good Citizen)

CGC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator Testing Good Dog Class

Whether you trained your own dog or trained your dog through another obedience trainer, we can test and certify your dog as a Canine Good Citizen.  No matter if your dog is registered with the AKC or not, your dog can certify for an AKC/CGC title, even if a mixed breed.  The American Kennel Club CGC certification is your first step to most other disciplines.  The Good Dog Class prepares you for CGC.


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Trick/Dance Dogs

Classic K9 Dog Training Centers Trick Dog Class Freestyle Dance Instruction American Kennel Club

Canine Freestyle Dance is an up and coming dogsport. Dogs and Handlers compete in competitions across the country, judged on choreography, props, and tricks performed during the routine.  Even if you don't want to dance, the tricks that you and your dog will learn, will entertain friends and family for many years to come.  This class rewards you with an AKC Trick Dog certification.


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Therapy/Support Dogs

Therapy dog, emotional support dog, training, certification, id tags, ADA, PTSD, anxiety, federal

Donate your time with your newly certified Therapy Dog to visit Schools, retirement homes, children's hospitals and more. These days, your dog must be a Certified Therapy Dog to do so.  Support Dogs must also be certified to join you in public establishments, transportation, etc.  Classic K9 Dog Training Centers certifies Therapy and Emotional Support Dogs through N.A.D.R.A. (North American Dog Registry Association).  Get certification as a Therapy or Support Dog.  Please note that Support Dogs may require a Doctor's note.

AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certification required. 

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Service Dog Training

Service dog, assist, detection, seisure, dissabilty, dog assist, certification, id tag, ADA, federal

Have a physical disability?  Need assistance with every day tasks?  We can train your dog with a dog training program to perform tasks for you like wheel chair maneuvers, retrieving dropped items, opening doors, assistance in and out of beds, wheel chairs or cars.

Don't invest thousands of dollars on a specialized service dog, when the dog that you already own may be trained for these tasks.  Most dogs are capable of helping you with minimal training.  Even Puppy Training should include service dog tasks.

 AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certification required. 

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Beginner Agility

beginner agility dog training, A frame, jumps, tunnels, dog sport, obstacle course, saginaw, fun

This class teaches your dog to maneuver basic obstacles like;  A-Frame, standard jumps, tunnels, tire jumps, etc. 

Classes are held at our 

Saginaw location only and are conducted outdoors, weather permitting.  The Agility Practice Field is open every day, available to all students of Classic K9 Dog Training.

Once your dog gets the basics from us, you can move on to competitive Agility through other advanced Agility Dog Training Centers.  We recommend:

 Tri-Cities in Saginaw, TNT in Midland, Companion Dog Training in Flint, and Kaybees Dog Training in Bay City. 

 Call 989.245.7562 to schedule a class.

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