The Classic K-9 Show
Speed Dogs
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NASCAR Speed DogsNational Association for Specialized Canine Agility
Racing was formed to assemble the fastest and the most accurate Agility Dogs and Trainers from across America.

The Speed Dogs are an elite group of canine athletes that compete in Agility on an In-Line, High Speed, Oval Racing Course, in three speed divisions.

The Speed Dog Show was developed by Classic K-9 Productions to be used as an additional source of entertainment during NASCAR auto racing events across the country. We start with a qualifying lap to determine the top three fastest times of each speed division. Then, an exciting three-lap race running all three dogs simultaneously ... Pit Stops included! The crowd goes wild as they cross the finish line bringing the winner to Victory Lane.

The show is choreographed to music and mixed with comedy and special effects drawing thousands of spectators. The novelty of the event attracts the media heavily. We also offer great sponsor opportunities as well as encourage celebrity participation.

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