The Classic K-9 Show
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Your Audience will thouroughly enjoy these dogs as they run, jump, retrieve in a flash, and change directions at lightning speeds while competing in a wide variety of 'Olympic' style events.

Show Content

Each Classic K-9 Show is made up of around three events selected from more than 17 different dog sport segments so that every show is different. We can custom design each performance selecting from a wide variety of events.

  • Grand Prix Racing (Agility obstacle course)
  • Frisbee Dogs
  • World Record High Jumping
  • Team Relay Racing
  • Toy Scramble Races
  • Barrel Racing
  • Musical Mats
  • Kids and Puppies Skits
  • Freestyle Dance
  • And Many More…

Each show segment is mixed with music, comedy, audience participation, special effects, and sequencing equipment lighting. Your audience will cheer, laugh, and even cry as they witness the antics of the world’s most popular dogs.

What is the cost

The Classic K-9 Show is a top quality show production that may come to you heavily sponsored. Our sponsors are comprised mostly of companies within the pet industry. Sponsor subsidization may be available depending upon your show location, dates, and demographics. Each show is estimated separately. We do require a $1000 deposit to hold your desired show dates on a first come, first served basis. This deposit is credited toward the Classic K-9 show production expenses.

Shows Per Day

The Classic K-9s can perform as often as every two hours throughout the day and every show is different. The average show lasts about 30 minutes in duration. A typical show schedule consists of around 5 shows per day or night. The number of performances each day has no effect on the cost to produce the show.

What is Needed

The Classic K-9 Show is a self contained production. We supply all stage equipment, sound and lighting, special effects, crowd barriers, and the top canine performers in North America. You supply only the spectator seating and electricity!

Stage Requirements

The Classic K-9s perform best in an “arena” environment with the running surface consisting of dirt, grass, AstroTurf, or other suitable running surface. Arena areas can be either indoors or outdoors. On concrete venues, we may supply carpet where needed. The arena area measures 50 X 100 ft. or larger for our full event show. Minimum stage area for mini show performances equals 15 X 30 ft. Elevated stages may be used for mini show performances if desired, but are not recommended. We stage the show from a curtain backdrop located at the end (or side) of the arena. The remaining parameter of the arena is used for spectator seating. Bleacher seating is preferred.

Booking The NASCAR Speed Dogs

The Speed Dog Show is designed primarily for use by NASCAR, Motor Speedways, and the NASCAR Family of Driver's Foundations and Organizations. NASCAR events and Motor Speedway bookings are estimated individually. The cost of the performances vary heavily based upon Sponsor participation and subsidization provided by these Sponsors. Please contact Ken Scarnegie, Executive Producer directly, for more information about booking the Speed Dog Show.

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