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N.A.D.R.A. (North American Dog Racing Association) was founded by Ken Scarnegie in 1989. It all started with a handful of Canadian and American dog trainers that decided that there was much more fun stuff to do with their dogs than just play fetch. Soon afterward, many games and dog sport events were compiled to make up a funny but competitive stage show. The credo of the organization was "To fill your dogs lives with as much fun and love as you can." Hence, the Classic K-9 Show was born.

Soon after the shows conception, Wendell Heron from London, Ontario came onboard packing a huge arsenal of classic rock music that he choreographed to the events. He also added a package of sound and special effects. The show quickly became popular after it’s debut at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (North America’s largest Fair).

The Classic K-9 Show now ranks as the most memorable and enjoyable canine entertainment show for audiences of all ages. We produce the show for more than 20 events each year, entertaining well over two million spectators annually!

The Classic K-9 Show derives its canine all-stars from cities across the United States and Canada. We all belong to the World’s largest international organization of dog trainers. NADRA presently has more than 18,000 members with an average of four dogs per household. We have the ability to supply any form of canine talent, complements of the greatest canine athletes and dog trainers in the World.

In 2007, Classic K-9 Productions added the 'NASCAR Speed Dogs' to it's list of trademarks. The National Association for Specialized Canine Agility Racing produces the Speed Dog Show for auto racing events and acts as a fund raiser performance for NASCAR Driver's Foundations and Organizations nation wide. The Speed Dog Show is a direct copy of auto racing only with dogs. Down to the last detail, this show will blow you away, even if you are not a NASCAR Fan.

Thank you to all who contribute to the operation of Classic K-9 Productions, The NASCAR Speed Dogs, and NADRA Productions.

  • Founder, M/C, and Executive Producer – Ken Scarnegie
  • Technical Director – Brent Bell
  • Team Logistics Manager – Ken Scarnegie
  • Co-Founder and friend of NADRA – Karen Craig
  • NASCAR Speed Dogs Head Trainer – Julie (Norman) Jenkins
  • Yahoo Groups Moderator – Merrilee Piccarelli

Others instrumental in the growing pains of success of the Classic K-9s since 1989:

  • Sally Slade – Head Trainer -- Grand Blanc, Michigan USA
  • Steve Daniak – Properties Manager -- London, Ontario Canada
  • Nick Randal – Randal's Art Design -- Holly, Michigan USA
  • Volunteer Technical Advisor – Wendell Heron -- Halifax, NS Canada

A special thanks to the thousands of Dog Trainers across the United States and Canada who make our shows possible.

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