The Classic K-9 Show
The Classic K-9 Show

The Ultimate Source for Dog Sport Entertainment

Flyball Relays, Agility Racing, Frisbee Dogs, World Record Canine High Jumping, Dancing Dogs, Trick Dogs, Celebrity Dogs, and more...

Top dogs and trainers from all over the USA and Canada come to compete and entertain at fairs,expositions and events. The show is choreographed to music and mixed with comedy and special effects.

The Classic K-9 Show is known internationally as the most memorable and enjoyable canine arena show for audiences of all ages. Massive live show experience since 1989 produces the greatest show of its kind!

From inexpensive mini-shows to our full event arena shows, we can tailor a show to meet the budget of any event, any theme. The Classic K9 Arena Show, NASCAR Speed Dog Show, Dog Sports Of America and Classic K9 Medieval Games are all a huge part of the Classic K9 Production's family of dog performances used nation wide!

LATEST NEWS: Introducing "Dog Sports Of America" Flint, MI. Classic K9 Productions launches the first ever CASH PRIZE Canine Competition. We have covered every dog sport imaginable with this new and exciting program. From Frisbee Disc competitions to Schutzhund, to Flyball, to Agility, Dog Sledding and Lure Coursing, we will be hosting competitions throughout the year in more than 20 different dog sports. Check it out today. Read more at:

In the pages that follow, you will learn how to book the Classic K9s for your next event, get involved as a sponsor, join our international performance team, view photos and videos and much more.

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